Thirteen Body Principles by Hao YueRu

Translated by Chao-Sun Pang

涵胸 Relax and Open the Chest.

拔背 Open the Back.

裹襠 Round the Buttocks.

護肫  Protect the Stomach.

提頂 Suspend the Head.

吊襠 Suspend the Pelvis. 

鬆肩 Relax the Shoulder.

沉肘 Sink the Elbow.

騰挪 Movement in Stillness (prepare to move).

閃戰 Express Energy/Jin.

尾閭中正 Center the Tail Bone.

氣沉丹田  Sink Qi to the Dan Tian.

虛實分清 Distinguish the Insubstantial and the Substantial.

Additional Body Principles by Hao ShaoRu

腰脊敛氣 Collect Qi at the Waist/Lumbar Region.

胯鬆直 Open Kua.

膝曲蓄 The Leg is Curved and Gathered around the Knee.

两手意向上升 The Hands Have a Rising Intention.