Tai Ji Quan Treatise by Wang ZongYue

太極拳論 – 王宗岳
Translated by Chao-Sun Pang

Tai Ji, arises from Wu Ji. It is the essence of stillness and motion, 
Mother of Yin and Yang. 

In motion it separates (opens). In stillness it converges.

Do not overreach. When restrained, seek to extend.

Others are hard. I become pliable. It is called “moving away.”
When I am in comfort, others are constricted. It is called “sticking.” 

Encountering fast, I move quickly. Encountering slow, I follow in kind.
No matter the change, the response is the same. 

Practice to gain familiarity. Familiarity gradually becomes understanding. 
Understanding becomes knowing. This is the Jin of Understanding. 
Understanding comes by practicing diligently over time! 

Energy rising. Qi sinking to Dan Tian. 
Stay centered. Suddenly appearing, suddenly disappearing. 

When left is heavy, left becomes insubstantial.  
When right is heavy, right becomes light. 
Going up, I am higher.
Going down, I am deeper.
Going forward, I am farther away.
Retreating, I am beyond reach.

Not a feather can be added. Not even a fly can land. 
No one knows me, but I know others.

This is why heroes and heroines are successful and cannot be defeated! 

There are many practices, although the methods are different. 
Mostly it is the strong bullying the weak, the fast overcoming the slow!

Using strength to defeat the weak, slow yields to fast.
All is based on what is given to us by nature,
But it has nothing to do with the study of true power.

Observe “four ounces redirect a thousand pounds”. 
It is not based on strength.
Watch an old man defend himself against others.
What does speed have to do with it?  

立如平準,活似車輪。 偏沉則隨,雙重則滯。 
Stand like a balance, lively as a wheel. 
Unbalanced when off-center. Double weighting causes stagnation.

If after many years of practice, one cannot transform, and
Instead, is controlled by others,
The problem of double weighting has not been resolved. 

To avoid this problem, understand Yin and Yang:
Sticking is moving away; moving away is sticking.

Yin does not separate from Yang; Yang does not leave Yin.
Yin and Yang must mutually support each other. 
This is the Jin of Understanding.

Once Jin is understood, skill will be gained by practice.
Continue to explore and experiment until it becomes intuitive and natural.

本是捨己從人,多誤捨近求遠 所謂差之毫釐,謬之千里​​’
This practice is based on letting go of self and following others. 
Many make the mistake of not using what is close and looking far away.
The saying goes: “Miss by an inch, miss by a mile”.
The practitioner must fully understand those points! 

This is the Treatise.