13 Principles Practice Sonnet*

Translated by Chao-Sun Pang

Do not treat the 13 principles lightly. 
Intention originates at the waist.
Regardless the movement, Qi flows freely though the body.

In stillness there is movement. In movement there is stillness. 
Energy seems to shift magically and changes with the opponent. 
Study diligently by using mind and heart. Once understood, it will seem simple. 

Put the awareness around the waist. Belly at ease, let the Qi come alive. 
Center the tailbone, Spirit rises. 
The body suspends, becoming light and energetic.

Carefully observe how freely energy curves, extends, opens and connects.
To enter this door of learning, personal transmission is required.
Understanding will come naturally from practicing diligently. 

What standards are used to measure this? 
Mind-intention and Qi are the master, and bone and muscles are their subjects.
What is the ultimate meaning of this practice? Longevity and health.

This sonnet has only 140 characters.
Every word speaks the truth. Do not doubt it.
Stay on this path, or all efforts will be in vain. 


*13 Principles Practice Sonnet original writer is unknown can be either Wang ZongYue or Wu YuXiang.